Information Product Template Overview

The goal of the Information Product templates is to quickly document a content requirement (they should intially take about 15 minutes each to complete, but you will get faster.)

All the Information Products then get added to a Product Backlog and T Shirt sized (S, M, L, XL, holy …) to enable you to go an intial estimate of effort.

The Information Products are also used for initial prioritisation of the Product Backlog.  The ability to understand the Business Outcome that will be acheived by using the Information Product is crtical to the prioritisation process.

When the Product Owner selects an Infomation Product into a delivery sprint, the Agile Team will pick up the template and add more detail, which becomes the design they build from.

The Agile Team will also update the Infomation Product template by the end of the Sprint, effectively making it an “as-built” document.

Microsoft Word - Version 1.0

Adobe PDF - Version 1.0

More information

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