As a BI Practioner
I want to understand what Agile is all about
So that I can understand if I want to adopt it

There is a raft of content about Agile on the web, in books, in courses and in peoples heads.

Rather than recreate all this content I would rather provide links to content I have used and respected, so here are the articles I refer to and recommend on a regular basis.

AgileBI Overview Articles

Standups should be open not closed

StandupsOne of the many key things in deliverying in an AgileBI way is the use of daily standups to enable the Agile Team to have regular conversations on where they are at, where they are going any any current impediments. Who can AttendAnybody should be able to...

The Danger of Pipelining and Time Slicing

As a BI Manager I want to understand the impact of pipelining the Agile teams workflow So that I know if it is an approach I wish to use Managing to complete an AgileBI build in three elapsed weeks is very very difficult. And by a build I mean from...

Benevolent Dictator

As a AgileBI Guru I want to understand what a Benevolent Dictator is So that I know when one is needed   The team have discussed it "to death" and are now constantly repeating the same arguements "around and around" More informaiton is neded to progress...

Remote Scrum Masters

As a AgileBI Guru
I want some examples of things that can fail in AgileBI
So that I know what to watch out for

The Big Guess Up Front (BGUF)

As a BI Manager
I want to understand where the traditional planning documents fit in the AgilebI process
So that I know when I need to have them created

No Meetings

As a BI Manager or Scrum Master
I want to understand how to deal with ‘meetings’ in an AgileBI project
So that I can change the team’s negative view on collaboration

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