As a BI Practitioner
I want to understand what an AgileBI team is and isn’t
So that I know how to form and storm one

Building a self organising team is one of the key factors required to deliver in an AgileBI way.

Creating a team with T-Skills and helping them through the process of forming, storming and norming is a mssive challenge.

The articles below provide more details on how to achieve this.

AgileBI Team Articles

Benevolent Dictator

As a AgileBI Guru I want to understand what a Benevolent Dictator is So that I know when one is needed   The team have discussed it "to death" and are now constantly repeating the same arguements "around and around" More informaiton is neded to...

Remote Scrum Masters

Remote Scrum Masters

As a Stakeholder or Product Owner
I want some examples of things that can fail in AgileBI
So that I know what to watch out for

Coaching the Product Owner

[[make them succesfull]] [[make them safe]] [[teach them what they don't know]] [[guide them in the right direction]] [[dont do it for them]] [[dont let them abdicate]]

Retrospective – Transferring Team Maturity

[[moved form one project to new one]] [[started at the place i left off]] [[hadnt taken new team on the journey]] [[new team also picked up some things faster and other things slower than last team]] [[art is reading people]]

Agile Team Maturity

[[teams go at different paces]] [[have to learn as they go]] [[may have had bad experience with agile]] [[need to fail to fix]]  

6 + 2 = 4

We get taught during our life that 1 + 1 can equal three when we leverage the power of a team. This is often true and in AgileBI ... [[scrum teams deliver more]] [[velocity]] But [[adding people mod sprint makes every thign slower]] So at the beginning 6 + 2 will...

Multiple Scrum teams

[[scrum of scrubs nope]] [[ two stand ups , inner and outer rings]] [[archutect sits on all planning sessions]]