As a BI Practitioner
I want to understand what AgileBI Disciplines are
So that I know what Disciplines to follow (and what Disciplines not to)

There are a number of Agile focussed disciplines that you should implement when deliverying Data, Analytics or Visualisations in an AgileBI way.

There are also a raft of waterfall focussed disciplines, that have minimal value in an AgileBI approach and so should be avoided if possible.

The articles below provide more details on both.

AgileBI Discipline Articles

Standups should be open not closed

StandupsOne of the many key things in deliverying in an AgileBI way is the use of daily standups to enable the Agile Team to have regular conversations on where they are at, where they are going any any current impediments. Who can AttendAnybody should be able to...

Remote Scrum Masters

As a AgileBI Guru
I want some examples of things that can fail in AgileBI
So that I know what to watch out for

No Meetings

As a BI Manager or Scrum Master
I want to understand how to deal with ‘meetings’ in an AgileBI project
So that I can change the team’s negative view on collaboration

Making Retrospectives Fun

As a scrum master
I want I want to understand how to make retrospectives fun
So that I can keep the sprint team engaged

It’s Agile not Adhoc

There are a number of myths abound about the Agile approach. These include that idea that having a daily 15 minute standup is being Agile, to Agile doesn't deliver documentation. When I hear these myths I typically reply with "Agile is not Adhoc". So let's list the...

Agile Discipline – Planning

There is a myth that Agile is all about being adhoc and that there is no planning upfront involved. It's not true. In fact when undertaking a AgileBI approach the team will spend far more time in planning sessions than in a typical waterfall project. What is different...

Agile Discipline – Documentation 

There is a myth that Agile doesn't deliver documentation.  It's not true. We always do the documentation that is required during a BI project, such as design and as built documents, what differs is the way we create them and when. A waterfall project is all about big...

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