Introduction to the feature owner role

The role of Product Owner is a hard role in a AgileBI project. 

The product owner has to provide a number of capabilities: 

[[Engage with the stakeholders to provide ]] 



 [[business process]]

 [[features and functions]] 
The product owner makes the trade off decisions on what will be delivered based on the options and advice provided by the AgileBI team.

One of the many challenges with this role is that the Product Owner needs to have a good understanding of the Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse domain to be able to understand what options the team are proposing and make the trade off decisions.  Finding a person with this capability combined wth the stakeholder engagement is often very difficult.

The reason is that these skills normally resolved with people within the Business Intelligence teams, where as the people who have full enagagement with the stakeholders typically sit in a business unit.

Our approach for AgileBI is to split these roles into a Product Owner and a Feature Owner role.

[[Feature Function decisions]]

[[both have to be at all the ceremonies]]

[[product owner can’t bail from backlog grookming]

[[high level of collaboration required between the two roles, just like across the developers]

[feature owner can set the acceptance criteria, but only product owner can moe the done done card]

[[sometimes product owner will defer to the feature owner for done done, that’s ok (all changes in AgileBI are ok) but the product owner is accountable.  Stops a technical person being the feature owner and running the decisions, aka old project style]]

[[might be the architect but ideally not, as very technical focus, and needs to be business focus.  But the some architects are very business facing, aka team leads ]]