DVEM Rising 2018

October 3, Denver, Colorado, USA

BEAM & DATA VAULT – Match made in heaven

Shane Gibson presenting at DVEM Rising in Denver Colorado USA in October 2018 showing how you can go from the AgileBI BEAM process to an AgileBI Data Vault model.

[slideshare id=118173816&doc=denver-dvee-2018-v04-181004175901]


Using Agile methods to deliver applications is a commonplace approach these days.  But when you try to apply Agile techniques to delivering data, analytics, and visualizations, a whole set of new challenges arise that affect whether you are able to deliver a production-ready solution every 2–4 weeks.

This presentation takes you through two of the repeatable AgileBI techniques that deliver completed visualizations every three weeks.

These steps have been discovered, defined, and refined by Shane over the last four years, based on a number of AgileBI customer projects in New Zealand (the land of hobbits and kiwifruit).


You can read more about BEAM to Data Vault here:
BEAM meets Data Vault and wham bam thank you ma’am