Information Products – Gather Size and Prioritise

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As a Developer
I want to understand how to run the Information Products workshops
So that I can deliver reqiurements quickly

Information Products

As outlined in the Information Product post there are four major stages where the Information Product template is updated:

  1. Gather, Size & Prioritise
  2. Backlog Refinement
  3. Build Design
  4. As Built

The gather, size and prioritise stage is when we create the initial version of the Information Product template, with the minimal amount of detail required.

This stage allows the team to size the effort reqiured to ba high-level estimate of effort to build the IP to be t-shirt sized and then the IP’s to be prioritised.  It can also euilnable the product roadmap/backlog to be created.


The goal of the gather step is to quickly identify each of the Information Products that need to be delivered.  Effectively taking a stock take of all the Information Products that may need to be delivered.


[may need beam]


[5 lanes][left and right., #1][done by product owner and support crew, SME, BA, Analyst][may need product owner of product owner sessions]

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Information Products

Information Products

As a Developer
I want to understand how to capture content reqiurements quickly
So that I can estimate their size and obtain a priority for the order to deliver

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