[[how do we manage a third party that is outside the sprint process]]

[[dependencies that they have to deliver for us to be succesfull]]

{{the hardware didn’t arrive on time}}

[[they are running a waterfall project plan, or even worse no plan at all]]

[[they have project managers who are gatekeeping priorities]]

[[ideal get one of them on the sprint, even if it is part time]]

[[try and have one of them attend the daily stand up so they can see how much impact a couple of days delay will cause. Will also foster team work, plus seed the value of Agile across different parts of the organisation]]
[[use scrum master to escalate when needed]]

[[try and backlog groom 3 sprints in advance for these milestones, it’s hard.  More than 3 sprints and you are probably going to change what you do anyway and that will annoy them as you change what you need, and lose the favours in the future]]