As a BI Practitioner
I want to understand what AgileBI is and how it differs to Agile
So that I know what approaches to use (and which approaches not to)

When deliverying new Data, Analytics or Content in an AgileBI you have the benfit of leveraging the majority of the Agile approaches that have been defined and refined over the many years the various Agile approaches have been around.

But some of these some of these Agile approaches need to be tailored when delivering Data, Analytics and Content.  This is typically due to the complexity that comes with data we do not create or control.  AgileBI delivery is different to the typical “APP” development where the developer has control of both the way data is captured and the way it is presented.

For example I have found that using three weeks as a sprint iteration is more effective than the standard two weeks.

The articles below provide more details on the differences and the recommended techniques for deliverying in an AgileBI way.

AgileBI Team Articles

Multiple Scrum teams

[[scrum of scrubs nope]] [[ two stand ups , inner and outer rings]] [[archutect sits on all planning sessions]]

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Other Blogs from this category

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