As a BI practitioner
I want to understand what processes are available and what processes I should follow
So that I can use an Agile approach on  for my Business Intelligence delivery

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[[lots of agile processes available]]

There are a large number of Agile methodologies available around the world today.  Here is a list of just some of them:

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[[mashup of a few of them]]

[[namely Scrum, Kanban and a Lean]]

[[and also a few methods]]

[[TDD, CI, etc]]

The last thing to note is that as the AgileBI team get more mature in working to together, working with the business stakeholders and apply the art of eating the elephant one bite at a time, the combination of Agile methods they use will change.

A highly mature AgileBI environment will move from teams foccused on running Sprints and seperate teams focussed on managing BAU via Kanban, to a single team delivering continuously using a Lean orientated approach.

There are lots of reasons why mature AgileBI teams are able to make this transition.  One of the primary ones being that once the majority of the source data is made available in the initial data layers, and the correct Agile Data Engineering methods have been implemented, making lots of small changes quickly is more achievable and less risky.