AgileBI, Concepts, Processes and Templates


There are a number of books available that provide insight into Agile in the context of Data Warehouse, Analytics or Business Intelligence projects.  My favourites are below, buy them and encourage these gurus to write more.

There are also a number of thought leaders around the world in the Agile domain as well as in the Business Intellgence, Data and Analytcs domains.  A number of these are very kind and share their ideas and approaches on a regular basis via blogs and online articles.  A list of the gurus I look upto are here:  Leveraging the collective knowledge of others

But what I hare found is missing is a mashup of all these ideas, concepts and approaches onto something that explains the What, Why and How to use Agile to deliver Business Intelligence projects from the beginning to the end.

This site is the live draft of such a mash up.  It is based upon my experience running AgileBI training workshops and coaching customer teams on how to deliver using these techniques.

It leverages the work done by the Agile and BI gurus from around the globe, as I constantly read and digest thier work, adapting it to solve the problems my customers encounter, or a jumpstart to the next level of AgileBI maturity.  Augmented with “war stories”  and experiences I have encountered delivering BI with Agility in New Zealand.

To deliver this I have focussed on the Concepts, Processes and where possible the templates you need to deliver BI with Agility.

As I draft the content map and each chapter and page of the book I will publishing each of them in their raw state.  Then I will update, change, rewrite and refine them as I go.

Be warned I am notorious for bad speelling and bad gramma.  If you see words that don’t make sense in-between these [[ ]], they are my notes to remind me to add more content in that section.

I give my thanks to those gurus that have been gracious to allow there ideas to be leveraged in this site and shared with the world via a channel other than their own websites, books and courses.

To get started I suggest you

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Resources from the Other AgileBI Guru’s

Latest Draft Articles


Agile Data Engineering

As a member of a AgileBI team I want to understand how to remove latency and increase flexibility during the development Process So that I can deliver faster but also enable easy changes in the future Agile Data...

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As a member of a AgileBI team I want to understand how requirements fit into the AgileBI Process So that I don't gather them to early or to late In Waterfall big requirements up front are often done for months before any sort of build is undertaken by the team. ]]]...

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BEAM meets Data Vault and wham bam thank you ma’am 

As a member of a AgileBI team I want to understand how BEAM and Data Vault align So that I can leverage components from each at the right time Whether you are pipelining ] your Agile delivery or you are managing to deliver a thin slice ] every sprint iteration both...

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Agile Myths

As a newbie to Agile I want I want to understand whether all the myths I hear are true So that so I can rebuff them if they are not Over the years several myths have formed around Agile delivery. Here are some of the more popular ones: Agile is a silver bullet. Agile...

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Information Products

When starting a AgileBI project there is often a need to undertake a project initiation or business cases phase before you can start the delivery phase. As part of this phase you often have to do an estimate of the resources required to deliver.  The old "give me...

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FAQs as documentation

Add them in the vision statement for the info product  -Who are our top 10 customers  Add them in the wire frames Add them in the business rules - how are the top 10 identified  -- rank by total revenue  Add them in the doco maps -Where can I find...

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Business Rules

Another of the more difficult capabilities in data warehousing is the definition and documentation of business rules.  And if it is hard when we have months to do it in a waterfall project it is even harder when we have to do it as a small part of a three week...

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