Done Done

Articles that are as completed as I will ever get them.

AgileBI Delivery

As a BI Practitioner
I want to understand how to deliver in an AgileBI way
So that I can deliver faster and with less risk

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AgileBI Team

As a BI Practitioner I want to understand what an AgileBI team is and isn't So that I know how to form and storm one Building a self organising team is one of the key factors required to deliver in an AgileBI way. Creating a team with T-Skills and helping...

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AgileBI Discipline

As a BI Practitioner
I want to understand what AgileBI Disciplines are
So that I know what Disciplines to follow (and what Disciplines not to)

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As a BI Practitioner
I want to understand what AgileBI is and how it differs to Agile
So that I know what techniques to use (and whihc techniques not to)

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AgileBI Process

As a BI Practitioner
I want to understand what AgileBI processes are
So that I know what processes to implement (and what processes not to)

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As a Reader of this site
I want to understand what it is about
So that I know whether I should keep reading

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Articles that are as completed but need to be reviewed at some stage.

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Articles that I am currently working on.

Information Product Roadmap

As a Product Owner I want to understand how to visualise the delivery roadmap So that stakeholders will feel comfortable we have a long term plan Ralph Hughes [[ken??? ]] in his book [[????]] discusses the...

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Scaling AgileBI Teams 

[[collaboration and collisions]] [[scrum of scrims for ltd of teams, aka sAfe]] [[where do the multiple teams have to talk together, daily stand ups, retrospectives, demo day]] [[two much detail, sprint planning, back gold grooming]] [[have sprint leads attend both...

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Mega Visioning

With the death of the 100 page Business Intellgience strategy how do you get your stakeholders to come on the journey and agree to invest in the time for your AgileBI to create new data and content for them. With a waterfall project the process is well know, you do...

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Data Discovery

As a Developer I want to understand when and how to understand the source data So that I can be sure I can build the things in the users stories and as an input to the estimate of the effort required   Often the majority of the AgileBI team are...

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Guided Products vs Discovery Products

As a AgileBI Developer I want to understand the different types of content that can be delivered So that I know when to use each type When developing content for end users, it is important to ensure that the content is targeted to the style of...

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The Journey

As a Reader of these stories
I want I want to understand what brought you to create this website
So that I can decide if you have a background that means you can talk with authority about this subject

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Articles that have bullet points added, which effectively are my acceptance criteria of the content.

Wireframing to confirm requirements

As a developer I want I want to understand how to use wireframing to confirm requirements So that I can build the right thing Wireframing is a technique we use to confirm two things: How does the user wish to see the content presented? Have we identified...

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Three Agile Testing Methods – TDD, ATDD and BDD

As a Product Owner or Developer I want I want to understand the different Agile testing methods So that I can decide which to useIn the word of Agile, there are currently three methods that can be used to improve our testing practices and to assist with enabling...

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Gathering Data Requirements

As a scrum master I want I want to understand how to make retrospectives fun So that I can keep the sprint team engaged The Data Requirements Gap There are two typical challenges when we gather data requirements.  First, we capture and document the requirements in a...

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Minimum Viable Product

As a Product Owner or Developer I want I want to understand how a Minimum Viable Product relates to AgileBI So that I can deliver faster and safer One of the ways to deliver quickly is to focus on what is often termed in Agile as a “Minimum Viable Product...

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Test Concerns

When talking about testing in a data project we have to first identify that the testing we need to do is similar but different to the testing we do in application development project. One of the useful way to identify these differences is to understand a number of the...

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Business Rule Templates

When do BI projects that require new data we know anecdotally that once we have acquired the required data from the System of Records the majority of our time and risk is applying code that transforms and/or augments data. In my terminology I call this "doing bad...

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Standups should be open not closed

As a Stakeholder or Product Owner I want I want to understand who can attend a standup So that I can ensure we are following an Agile approach Standups One of the many key things in deliverying in an AgileBI way is the use of daily standups to...

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Articles that have a title and not much else.


As a Developer
I want to understand how to gather requirements
So that I can actually use them to deliver something of value

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Initiation Phase 

[[layer architecture]] [[design standards]] [[backlog groom epics]] [[create team space]] [[pick agile boards, local or software if remorse team]] [[pick Comms tools, yammer, slack etc]] 

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FAQs as documentation

Add them in the vision statement for the info product  -Who are our top 10 customers  Add them in the wire frames Add them in the business rules - how are the top 10 identified  -- rank by total revenue  Add them in the doco maps -Where can I find...

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Data Layer Patterns

Over the last 20 years a number of patterns have emerged for dealing with the data layers in a centralised data repository. These have typically been attributed to the person who has championed this model, people such as Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball. These patterns...

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Agile Overview

As a BI Practioner
I want to understand what Agile is all about
So that I can understand if I want to adopt it

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Coaching the Product Owner

[[make them succesfull]] [[make them safe]] [[teach them what they don't know]] [[guide them in the right direction]] [[dont do it for them]] [[dont let them abdicate]]

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AgileBI Before the Build

Once you have nailed how to build an Agile Team and deliver using the Agile Disciplines you will typically jump into the build. [[is this a summary of the chapters or a just an intro???]] [[often have permissions to go straight to build]] [[plannoing upfront]]...

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