Ideally you can jump straight into the delivery stage in th AgileBI process, where you already have:

  • permission to have a dedicated AgileBI team that is fully funded
  • A backlogged list of high priority information Products that need to be built
  • A provisioned environment ready to be used

But most often this is not the case.  Typically you will need to start with an Initiation style phases to get to this stage.

And this is a challenge because in the initiation stage we are not building anything, no data requirements, no code, no tests, no content. 

We are in fact typically having lots of conversations and writing lots of documents.  It all sounds very waterfall.

However we can still use our AgileBI approach to deliver this stage, ensuring we meet the stage gate with minimal waste effort, minimal rework and minimal waiting.

[[agile approach, collabaoration, short delivery cycles, work as a team]]

[[get high level requirements up front, they have later value]]

[[are there stage gates, I.e waterfall, then map agile to them, don’t follow the typcial stage gate process]]

[[the pron=blew with stage gates is the delay waiting for signatures and review]]

[[ales technique, review as part of the process, signature should be a given not a discussion]]

[[if not stage gates, then  use agile to build required content]]

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