BEAM Template Overview

Lawrence Corr has created a number of excel templates that you can use to document the BEAM and Modelstorming outputs.  These templates have been published by Lawrence as Creative Commons so can be readily shared.

There are three templates:

  1. Modelstormer
    Use this to excel template to document  each Business Events and the Detail of Detail.
  2. Event Matrix
    Use this excel template to visualise all the Business Events and how they share Core Business Entities.
  3. BEAM Model Canvas
    Based on the Business Model Canvas this pdf template enables you to provide a high level view of the Core Business Entities, regardless of the Business Events they align with.

There are also some supporting documents that Lawrence has created.

  1. BEAM Reference Card
    A pdf cheat sheet of the BEAM reference codes.

Modelstormer Excel - Version 1.0

Event Matrix Excel - Version 1.0

BEAM Model Canvas PDF - Version 2.0

BEAM Reference Card PDF - Version 1.0

More information

You can find out more about BEAM and its use, in these articles:

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