As a BI Practioner
I want to understand what Agile is all about
So that I can understand if I want to adopt it

Agile as an approach has been around for a while and there are a myriad of different approachs and techniques that come under the agile banner.

The AgileBI way adopts a lot of these approachs and techniques and tailors them to help you deliver Data, Analytics  and Content in a faster way and with reduced risk.  You can see more about the AgileBI approach here

There is a raft of content about Agile on the web, in books, in courses and in peoples heads.  To get a good overview of agile folow the links I reference repeatably here.


AgileBI Team

AgileBI Team

As a BI Practitioner I want to understand what an AgileBI team is and isn't So that I know how to form and storm one Building a self organising team is one of the key factors required to deliver in an AgileBI way. Creating a team with T-Skills and helping...

AgileBI Discipline

AgileBI Discipline

As a BI Practitioner
I want to understand what AgileBI Disciplines are
So that I know what Disciplines to follow (and what Disciplines not to)

Time boxing effort as acceptance criteria of last resort

As a Product Owner or Developer I want I want to understand how to deal with a lack of clear acceptance criteria So that I don't delay delivery Acceptance criteria for a user story is crucial.  Without it the development team and product owner...

Making Retrospectives Fun

Making Retrospectives Fun

As a scrum master
I want I want to understand how to make retrospectives fun
So that I can keep the sprint team engaged

It’s Agile not Adhoc

There are a number of myths abound about the Agile approach. These include that idea that having a daily 15 minute standup is being Agile, to Agile doesn't deliver documentation. When I hear these myths I typically reply with "Agile is not Adhoc". So let's list the...

Retrospective – Transferring Team Maturity

[[moved form one project to new one]] [[started at the place i left off]] [[hadnt taken new team on the journey]] [[new team also picked up some things faster and other things slower than last team]] [[art is reading people]]

Agile Team Maturity

[[teams go at different paces]] [[have to learn as they go]] [[may have had bad experience with agile]] [[need to fail to fix]]  

6 + 2 = 4

We get taught during our life that 1 + 1 can equal three when we leverage the power of a team. This is often true and in AgileBI ... [[scrum teams deliver more]] [[velocity]] But [[adding people mod sprint makes every thign slower]] So at the beginning 6 + 2 will...

Multiple Scrum teams

[[scrum of scrubs nope]] [[ two stand ups , inner and outer rings]] [[archutect sits on all planning sessions]]