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by | 1 - Introduction

As a Reader of this site
I want to understand what it is about
So that I know whether I should keep reading

The structure of these articles will no doubt change more often than the words I actually write.

My aim is to provide three structures that you can use to traverse the content.  ( I have a real thing for the rule of 3 that Steve Jobs evangelised which will no doubt come through in everything I write)

1)  A story from beginning to end

Like all good story’s the articles will enable you read from the beginning to the end.  Each article will suggest the next article that you might want to read to get you to the final chapter.

The articles are broadly grouped into the 3 epics that you need to focus on to successfully build and sustain a AgileBI approach.

  • Building an Agile team
  • Utilising Agile Disciplines
  • Capabilities to deliver BI with Agility

The villian called “Waterfall” will appear regularly but that is about as exciting as the AgileBI story will get unfortunately.

So if you are the type of person who reads a book from the beginning to the end then this is for you.

2) Steps by Step

Each article will be assigned to a category/sub category, which will be based on how we use the AgileBI approach to deliver.

This will allow you to jump to the theme that you are interested in quickly, and find the article (dare I say user stories) without having to read from the beginning to find them.

If you want a step by step then this is for you.

3) Concepts, Processes and Templates

Each article will be tagged as a Concept, Process or Template plus it will be tagged with the terms that the article is covering.

This will allow you to easily jump to a list of Templates for say Data Requirements gathering, a set of Patterns for Data Vault modelling or to find what the concept for a Scrum Master is.

If you have a question and you just want to find the answer quickly this is for you.

Other Articles in this Section

The Journey

As a Reader of these stories
I want I want to understand what brought you to create this website
So that I can decide if you have a background that means you can talk with authority about this subject

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